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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Make sure to add a little net to your lingerie. (Source: Paul Hart -

Try net lingerie this season to emphsise your natural beauty. (Source: Paul Hart -

A short denim skirt, its trendy and it is 'in' this season. (Source: Paul Hart -

Cool swimwear with bright hues adds to your sex appeal. (Source: Paul Hart -

The G-string bikini is definitely the most buy. Follow the mantra: if you have it, flaunt it. (Source: Paul Hart -

A bikini-top in ravishing red and white makes you look pure hot. (Source: Paul Hart -

This outfit will ensure that you look pretty and sexy at the same time. (Source: Paul Hart -

It can't get sexier and sizzling than this. You are sure to shine in a little white bikini top. (Source: Paul Hart -

Pink is the colour of the season. So, get all set to look hot. (Source: Paul Hart -

The yummy stunning denim skirt with soft velvety touch will surely be a perfect turn-on. (Source: Paul Hart -

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