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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Audrey looks adorably innocent, even in sexy lingerie. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey is an eye-popping beauty and looks damn pretty. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey having a relaxing vacation! (Source: Source:Eastman Photography)

Looking real hottie in red. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey flashes her super sex appeal!. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey poses in skimpy bikini, showing off her abundant curves. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey seems pretty comfy in bikini. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey posing for the camera. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Hot Audrey posing for the camera.(Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey poses for the camera. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Gorgeous model is a feast for the eyes posed in sexy swimwear against exotic backgrounds. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey's curves are the best reason to watch this pic! (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Looking hot in red! (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Her confidence adds to her sex appeal.(Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey knows how to dive straight into our wildest fantasies! (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

She looks stunning in this bikini. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Smile doesn't take much but it adds to one's beauty! (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey is a pro at flaunting her sexy curves. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

She looks steamy hot in this shoot of her. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Sexy side of Audrey! (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey has a set of curves to die for. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey knows the way to get shot! (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Look super sexy in red lingerie!(Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

When a woman looks this good in this little, too much is never enough! (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey can keep us cozy by looking this hot! (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Audrey's a stunner! (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

Hot babe poses in a bikini. (Source: "Source:Eastman Photography")

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