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Sunday, August 1, 2010


A chic swimsuit of the right fit, a little body-contouring fabric and a fashionable attitude will do the trick. (Source : '')

Sexy cutout swimsuits with metallic detailing and halter necks can make jaws drop. (Source : '')

Indulge in the fabulous selection of sexy lingerie sets in variety of styles to suit you. (Source : '')

With bikini styles more 'in' than ever, choose a swimsuit that is sexy and couture, the one Bailey struts looks mesmerizing. (Source : '')

A soft coloured lingerie set is a staple for every woman's wardrobe, go and get one for yourself. (Source : '')

This year bikini fashion is all about colour and wild patterns, so if you want a bohemian look you can choose jewel tones in green. (Source : '')

Whether you're wearing a red carpet do or an evening attire, having a plunging neckline will be sure to add interest to your summer wardrobe. (Source : '')

Cut outs are one of the most trendy and sexy styles for the season. Whether subtle cuts or huge chunky rips, these looks spectacular. You just can't ignore Bailey's hot glam quotient. (Source : '')

Puffed hairstyles are 'in' at the moment, try on and experiment with your looks. (Source : '')

Simple yet tasteful is the call of the season, so get on to rip off that heavy make-up and let the natural in you shine just like Bailey(Source : '')

An essential make-up tip for summers, apply some neutral colours as they give you a cool and refreshing look. (Source : '')

Pout lips accentuated with shimmering lip gloss create the right amount of magic. (Source : '')

Are you tired of similar neck styles? Exude some charm in backless attires.(Source : '')

The vintage inspired styles have an incredible look. Vintage yet modern though the powerful coloration is perfect for the stylish women who love pin-up fashion styles. (Source : '')

Pearl earrings are the perfect way to compliment your white attires. (Source : '')

For the catty and wild appeal, go for some hep and happening lenses and pamper your looks. (Source : '')

If you're looking for something chic and simple, or a style with some added embellishments, you're sure to find it with this blue blazing gown. (Source : '')

A great way to add a little sex appeal to your dress is to utilize the off-shoulder trend. It's super sexy and it can be as subtle or as shredded as you're comfortable with. (Source : '')

To spice up the perfect evening with your loved one, add some colours with this flower-printed long dress that lends you the sex appeal. (Source : '')

Accessories are an integral part of the trends these days that give the oomph and the special bounce to your look. Bailey surely gets it right.(Source : '')

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