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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


As vintage styles have had a great influence in the fashion trends, bikini trends have also been inspired from those gorgeous times. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Mariab is all set to enjoy summer by taking a dip in sea in her sexy leopard print pink bikini.(Pic: Malibustrings)

The bikinis reveal the beautiful forms of the body, yet they conceal a certain amount of skin making the style mysterious and sexy at the same time. (Pic: Malibustrings)

This bold bikini has a delightful shimmery and shiny texture that meets the sexy standard, womanly but sensible. (Pic: Malibustrings)

The halter-neck bikini has a diverse fashion style. The shimmery effect is the quintessential piece. (Pic: Malibustrings)

The bikini is sporty, seemingly targeted for younger trendsas this creation is classic, elegant and sophisticated. (Pic: Malibustrings)

This sizzling hot bikini will definitely bring the the sensuality back into the bedroom! (Pic: Malibustrings)

This bold bikini is ideal for strappy or strapless clothing with flimsy fabric. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy. But it's not just sexiness women seek, they also need to be comfortable. (Pic: Malibustrings)

For those of you who would rather not be all decked out in wilder bikinis, go for just a plain bikini with shiny effect. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Take some style tips from supermodel, seen here in a simple bikini which she has set off beautifully with matching accessories. (Pic: Malibustrings)

A bikini is sure to knock him off his feet! Check out this shinny silver baby, set off by a matching accessories. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Making a fast foray into mainstream lifestyle, tattoos are becoming a rage in the fashion scene! (Pic: Malibustrings)

The plunging necklines shows off a bold amount of cleavage beach-side. (Pic: Malibustrings)

If you've got the curves, go for a figure-hugging multi-printed number like the one seen here. (Pic: Malibustrings)

For some uber chic and cool fun, opt for multiprint bikinis that define your style. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Designers seem to have taken a shine to the prints and colours off late, take tips from this model! (Pic: Malibustrings)

A printed bikini can look tasteful, the one seen here has a simple cut and striking design. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Just a touch of colours can also look uber-cool, this bikini is set off by the contarsting accessories. (Pic: Malibustrings)

While prints are considered rather sensual and seductive, there's no reason why they can't look cute too. (Pic: Malibustrings)

A hot little printed bikini-top will never fail to impress. Make sure to tone down the accessories. (Pic: Malibustrings)

This multi-printed and halter-neck combo is hot as ever and makes a bold statement. (Pic: Malibustrings)

For the those who love to flaunt it, an outfit like this will hit the spot. (Pic: Malibustrings)

No-fuss girls look great in halter bikinis, hot hats and a touch of glam with accessories! (Pic: Malibustrings)

Polka dots power has made a comeback to fashion, pretty polka prints are all the rage this year. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Go trendy and stylish with camouflage hats! It's cool, it's trendy and it's making a comeback this year. (Pic: Malibustrings)

A fitted, hip-hugging polka number will balance just the right amount of cute-meets-sexy! (Pic: Malibustrings)

A hot little bikini with a plunging neckline is sure to knock a guy's socks off! (Pic: Malibustrings)

Infrequently demure, this is the one bikini trend that can be styled to ooze both sex and sophistication without ever saying 'easy'. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Hot bikinis are all variations on this shorter-than-short style that can reveal the neccessary. (Pic: Malibustrings)

From the sporty to the sparkly, a great bikini can add volumes to your look. (Pic: Malibustrings)

The halter and deep neck trends collide to become this fierce fashion trend in bikinis. (Pic: Malibustrings)

If you have a toned body with washboard abs, go for a halter neck bikinis, with cut-away sides. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Of course, all swimwear isn't for swimming in. For any fashioniser beaches, pools and resorts are equally about socialising as they are about cultivating the perfect tan. (Pic: Malibustrings)

For those with long torsos, a boob-tube bikini would do wonders. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Summer is around the corner and choosing the perfect swimwear is very important. (Pic: Malibustrings)

The bikini trends are exquisite this year and the designs create a delight as they are meant to suit different tastes. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Vintage yet modern, bikinis are perfect for the stylish women who love pin-up fashion styles. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Thin or curvy women can look beautiful with the halter style in bikinis due to the flattering cuts. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Mariab gets tanned in the sun as she struts her stuff in some sunshine.(Pic: Malibustrings)

When you have curves like this, even a simple two-piece bikini can make you sensational.(Pic: Malibustrings)

Though some prefer tanned skin, Mariab is having a second thought.(Pic: Malibustrings)

Mariab makes a tempting sight same as the crystal, clear blue water touching her feet.(Pic: Malibustrings)

Backless beauty; Mariab posing mischeviously for the lense at the beach side with a smile that says it all. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Enjoying a cool sea breeze; Mariab is completely enjoying herself. (Pic: Malibustrings)

'Glaring' hot! what better way to protect your eyes than designer shades, which is essential when you are basking in the sun.

Sexy Miss Sunshine; Mariab goes for a little pink number which compliments her fair skin perfectly making it look more enchanting. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Water babe; the best way to ward off summer heat is to take refuge in cool water just the way Mariab is doing. (Pic: Malibustrings)

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