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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nandita Das

Actress Nandita Das looking attractive in this white saree. (BCCL/T Mallikarjun)

Nandita looks stunning in her saree look. (BCCL/T Mallikarjun)

Film 'Firaaq' starred all the ace actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Sanjay Suri and Tisca Chopra.Nandita being the director of the film. (BCCL/T Mallikarjun)

'Ramchand Pakistani' had other television stars from Pakistan television playing important roles in the film. Nandita plays the character Champa, mother of the boy in Ramchand.
 (BCCL/T Mallikarjun)

Dusky actress Nandita Das, has now decided to advance to another field. She is now directing various movies. (BCCL/T Mallikarjun)

Nandita got the best leading actress award from Nandi Awards.

According to Nandita, she chose Sen for his strength and sensitivity. After a private marriage ceremony, the couple held a reception for close friends and relatives at a friend's farmhouse in Delhi.

Nandita Das has carved her own niche in the world of unconventional cinema and now the gal is in news again for yet another parallel cinema but this time with a difference.

Actress Nandita Das Thursday inaugurated the 'India Pavilion', which showcases the works of major national filmmakers, at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Nandita Das will be bestowed for her contribution to cinema by the prestigious Ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres at Paris. Not just that, she has also been given an open choice to choose any French personality for felicitation.

A tasteful scarf covering her short, dark hair instead of the typical director's hat, T-shirt and jeans replacing her favoured Fab India kurta pyjama, Nandita Das is, for a change, behind the camera."Acting is only a small part," she feels."More important is direction. A film is, ultimately, the director's vision."

Every little second was found free, Nandita want's to spend with children.She joined in 'Alarippa', a famous charity institute to fight for street children's education .

Nandita tells that her most memorable moment is to be elected as Juri member in Cannes film festival.

Nandita always wants to do more reality characters in films.

Nandita says that she is very lucky because the Adur Gopala Krishnan has offered her a role in his movie 'Munnu Pennumgal'.

The acclaimed Indian film actress Nandita Das is to feature as the voice of a Bengal tiger in a special episode of 'Wonder Pets', premiering on Nick Jr .

Nandita is an very realty actress.She doesn't want do feel shy by doing Nude characters and exposing if the scripts was demands for this type of roles. She looks sexy in hot seens. Her sexy was her eyes and smile.

Nandita lended her voice to the character of a white Bengal tiger who suffers a thorn in her paw and is rescued by the Wonder Pets trio.

The daring Das also had her head shaved for Mehta's terminated venture Water, where she was to play an exploited widow.

The film 'Firaaq', produced by the Percept Picture Company (PPC), has been selected in the Contemporary World Cinema Premiere category of the fest. Nandita is excited with her first film going to the TIFF.

'Firaaq' has travelled to film festivals in Telluride (USA), Toronto, Pusan, London, Thessaloniki (Greece), Singapore, Dubai and then in India it was shown at the Kolkata Film Festival and the International Film Festival of Kerala.

Nandita Das crossing borders: This time Nandita has crossed the borders and was seen in the movie 'Ramchand Pakistani' under the direction of a Pakistani filmmaker Mehreen Jabar.

Her recent releases were Marathi film 'Maati Maay' by Chitra Palekar, Mehreen Jabbar's Pakistani film 'Ramchand Pakistani', that premiered at the Tribeca Festival 2008 in New York and Santosh Sivan's 'Before the Rains', that premiered at the Toronto Festival and was recently released in the US.

Known to never shy away from a controversial issue or an unconventional role, Nandita Das has attracted the attention of artists, critics and film lovers across the globe.

Nandita has performed in over 30 feature films, in ten different languages, most of which have been showcased in numerous international film festivals and have won her accolades.

Dusky actress Nandita Das, has now decided to advance to another field. She is now going to become a director with her directorial debut, 'Firaaq'. The film will star all the ace actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Sanjay Suri and Tisca Chopra.

Actress Nandita Das poses for the shutterbugs on her recent visit to the capital.  (BCCL/Pushpesh Dhingra)

Nandita Das talks on, how Delhi has changed after the terror blasts, on her return after a decade long time. (Photo/Manouj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita Das gained popularity in the 1990s by starring in Deepa Mehta films like Fireand Earth (1998). (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani)

This pretty lady holds a Master's degree in Social Work. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita initially worked with a street theatre group. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani)

Nandita is of the opinion that films have a mass appeal and can be used as a powerful instrument for social change. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita has directed four public service short films for Civil Society Organizations through Leapfrog, co-founded with her ex-husband Saumya Sen. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita is the daughter of noted Oriya painter Jatin Das and writer Varsha Das. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita has been married twice. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita has acted in over 25 feature films. She even won the Best Actress award for Bawander at the Santa Monica Film Festival (2001). (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita also won the Best Actress award for Amar Bhuvan at the Cairo Film Festival (2002). In May 2005 she served as a Member of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita has played storyteller/narrator in the audiobook series for kids "Under the Banyan" by Karadi Tales. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita has also been the narrator in the audiobook of Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography "The Story of My Experiments with Truth". (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita most recently spoke at MIT on April 12, 2007 after a screening of Fire. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita is planning to take on the directorial reins. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Her latest film 'Before the Rains' which co-stars Rahul Bose has been invited to participate in the prestigious Toronto Film Festival. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Known to never shy away from a controversial issue or an unconventional role, Nandita has attracted the attention of artists, critics and film lovers across the globe. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita feels that there is more sanity and integrity in regional cinema, which is why she does films in different Indian languages. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita doesn't believe in preparing for a role because she feels that human emotions are the same and also the spontaneity gets lost. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

Nandita feels that she has become a spokesperson for the rural woman and is happy about it. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

There's always depth, power and drama in Nandita's interpretation of the characters she plays on the screen. (Photo/Manoj Kesharwani) (BCCL)

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