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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Negar Khan

Packing a perfect body and moves that could leave Rakhi Sawant in tears, Negar Khan is a sexy actress in the making.

The credit of Negar Khan's populaity goes to her witty dress sense that kept her in news always, at times with clothes at time with falling clothes.

At a fashion show, Negar Khan went topless accidentally when her top fell off giving her more popularity than ever. (BCCL Photo)

Negar Khan has also posed topless for the cover of a leading Norwegian men's magazine. (BCCL Photo)

Born in Iran, Negar Khan grew up in Norway and studied in Australia from where she obtained her bachelors and Masters degrees respectively. (BCCL Photo)

Negar Khan is among those item girls who have touched success and mass popularity in no time. (BCCL Photo)

Negar Khan's fans still wish to see more of her performin 'in' and 'out' both ways... (BCCL Photo)

The latest buzz is that, currently Negar Khan is dating actor Luigi Cassandra with whom she is also woking in an Italian film Dita Smeralda. (BCCL Photo)

Negar Khan also married Bollywood actor Shali Khan of Style fame, but the marriage was called off due to personal reasons between the two. (BCCL Photo)

Negar Khan, belonging to Norway was deported back from India as she was working illegally on an invalid visa. (BCCL Photo)

Negar Khan took pole danc classes from London as she had to play the role of a seductive pole dancer in the movie Double Cross. (BCCL Photo)

Negar Khan ahs also acted in items numbers for the movies like Rudraksh and Shaadi Ka Laddoo. (BCCL Photo)

Negar Khan shot to fame with her appearance in a video entitled Chadti Jawani remix. (BCCL Photo)

In June 2005, her top came off on catwalk in a fashion show in Norway. (BCCL Photo)

Monsoon season brings a lot of hair problems.......but have you ever thought of wet look hair, as a style statement to attract attention? (BCCL Photo)

After a long sabbatical, Bollywood siren Nigar Khan is now looking for a comeback. (BCCL Photo)

Now she is ready to return to silver screen with Rakesh Sawant’s movie 'Jaanleva' , which was earlier titled ‘Hello Kaun Hai’. (Reuters/Ajay Verma)

Oomph girl: She has been in the headlines mostly for the wrong reasons. (BCCL Photo)

The same year, her marriage with actor Sahil Khan came to an end.

The queen of controversies beats the heat by shedding her clothes off.

She was also was spotted topless on a beach with Italian actor Luigi Cassandra. (Reuters/Ajay Verma)

It seems that the movie career has taken a backseat for this beautiful lady. (Reuters/Ajay Verma)

She may soon start working on another film called 'Shortcut' in the coming months. (Reuters/Ajay Verma)

The picture shows the much controversial malfunction of actress Negar Khan as she arrives for the awards ceremony at the 59th Cannes Film Festival. (Reuters/Vincent Kessler)

Lets wait and watch for the beautiful lass to return to the silver screen soon. (BCCL Photo)

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