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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Purab Kohli

Purab made his acting debut with 'Bus Yuhin' opposite Nandita Das. (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Purab is also prominent film maker Shekhar Kapur's nephew.
 (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Purab has a hobby for swimming, trekking, music and dance.  (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

It came as a complete surprise to Purab when he was mobbed by a group of girls in Dubai.This was all after his grand success in 'Rock On'.
 (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Purab is now looking forward to his films 'Shaadi of the Dead', 'Rectangular Love Story' and 'Mok-tale'.
 (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Purab right now wants to concentrate on his career.It does'nt seems that he is looking forward to be called as 'Papa' for few years from now. (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Purab Kohli surely never imagined gaining such accolades for his performances but nonetheless he is on seventh heavens and is really thrilled about it.
 (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Purab was a tad bit disappointed for not being nominated for for a Filmfare Award, but VJ-turned-actor Purab Kohli says the special jury certificate he got for his performance in 'Rock On!!' was a sign that people were noticing his work.
 (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Purab's hobbies includes Photography.He loves to capture moments impulsively
 (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Ever since veejay-turned-actor Purab Kohli realized his passion for photography, his view of life has completely changed. Obviously now the boy only looks through his powerful, psychedelic lens.
 (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Purab has bagged a role in Abhishek Kapoor's film starring Farhan Akhtar, Luke Kenny and Arjun Rampal. This film surely comes across as a very stylish one and Purab gained lot of success following it.
 (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Actr Purab Kohli got married to his sweetheart and this shaadi has proved to be lucky for the man.
 (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Purab Kohli, who got critical acclaim for his performance in 'My brother Nikhil', is all set to anchour in SRK's first ever reality show on television 'Knights and Angels'.
 (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Kohli's work in 'Rock On' garnered him a Special Jury Filmfare Awards in March, 2009.
 (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Purab starred in Mahesh Bhatt's Woh Lamhe and as a Villain in Bhatt's Awarapan. (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Purab initially wanted to be a Pilot, but he got a chance in acting with the teenage show Hip Hip Hurray and then show like Chota Moo Badi Baat. (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

Purab started his career as a model and earned recognition through video jockeying on Channel [V].

Purab has acted in several Bollywood movies like 'Supari, 'My Brother Nikhiland Rock On. In which he played the role of an Drummer.

Purab Kohli realized his passion for photography, since then his view of life has completely changed. Obviously now the boy only looks through his powerful, psychedelic lens.

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