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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sexy videos

Let's check out stills from some of the hottest videos.
Feeder, one of the renowned rock bands, is set to titillate fans with their kinky new video from their album Renegades. The faceless girl - who appears on the cover of Feeder's new album of the same name - bashes everything that comes across with a baseball bat. (AGENCIES)

In another scene, the faceless girl pours coffee into bloke's lap.

She also gets to grip a petrol can, throwing it all around. (AGENCIES)

A still from the video in which topless girl tries to snatch a guitar.


In another music video in the making, Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica star as sexy lesbians stars for their brother Eduardo's latest music video. (AGENCIES)

Eduardo wanted his sisters' help to launch his pop career.

Bipasha Basu goes topless on YouTube: Bong beauty Bipasha Basu, who began her career as a model, is the latest buzz in YouTube as she goes topless in cyberspace.

Bipasha, who rocked the tinsel town with her bold film scenes, uninhibited lifestyle and public kisses is in news for going topless with Vivek Oberoi on YouTube. The ad was shot in India during Bips initial days in the modeling world and it was directed by Ken Nahoum.

Bipasha had done this ad in 1999 when she was modeling for Ford Modeling Agency in New York. Bipasha's manager also confirmed the news that it's Bipasha herself and no look alike.

It's an uncanny coincidence that just as Bipasha Basu announced her plans to join Twitter, an ad film featuring the bombshell sans clothes has surfaced on YouTube. The ad also features actor Vivek Oberoi.

The ad film was shot long time back as a part of an international assignment in 1999 when both the actors were working as models.

It was a television commercial for the New York Lotto but was shot in India.

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