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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tarantino's sexual romp with Beejoli!

Beejoli, a young Indian girl, has alleged in an email to friends that she went out partying and ended up making out and spending the night with Oscar winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino.
An instant hit on networking sites, Beejoli's mail goofily describes how Tarantino , who has a famous foot fetish, "sucked her toes while jerking off", and how she was put off by his "unattractive" privates. (Reuters/)
Tarantino quelled all rumours after he drank champagne from Uma Thurman's 6-inch heels at an event in New York City's Hilton Hotel, held to honour the filmmaker. But, that's not all. (Reuters/)
An e-mail written by a young woman has ripped apart the director's ways in bed, whom she met at a party. Beejoli has circulated a narrative to her 15 friends talking about how she met Tarantino, made out with him and landed up in his bed. In this pic, Tarantino is seen in a still from one of his movies.
"QT puts an arm around me and I'm acutely aware that Quentin Tarantino has an arm around me. As are my four friends, who are all looking at me as if I have grown a second head. To be fair, I am easily the most uncool out of all my friends so the fact that anyone even mildly famous wants to speak to me is pretty shocking," the girl writes. (Reuters/)
"He's chatting with my friends and I'm like it's no big deal, I am pretending like this happens every night of my life, and out of nowhere he leans in for the make out. Yes. True story," she writes. (Reuters/)
Sadly, the mail doesn't stop here. Beejoli goes on to describe the famous filmmaker and his quirky ways in bed aka the foot fetish. (Reuters/)
"After a lot of drinks and making out, Beejoli writes that he invited her to his place, but before that another make out session takes place in his SUV. (Reuters/)
And the young lady is smart, she writes, "I spot a photo booth and immediately realize that we must take photos, if for nothing else, proof that this story even happened. We get a few good photo strips, which I immediately buried at the bottom of my purse lest he take them from me. (Reuters/)
She then goes on to write, "There's a little below the belt action that I try to avoid, as QT has the most unattractive penis I have ever seen (short. fat. nub-like )." (Reuters/)
Added to that injury, Tarantino asks her if he could masturbate while sucking her toe! "And thus began the weirdest 10 minutes of my life - having my feet made out with, by an Oscar winning filmmaker while he pleasured himself." (Reuters/)
But, QT isn't that bad, after all he dropped her home after the sexual romp. "Most insane experience of my life, and without a doubt, probably the best story I will ever get to tell." In this file photo, actress Diane Kruger is seen kissing Tarantino during an event in London. (Reuters/)
Though this makes for juicy news, QT as of now hasn't commented on this little incident. (Reuters/)
In this file photo, director Quentin Tarantino is serenaded by singer Keri Hilson at the 16th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards in Hollywood. (Reuters/)

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