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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dannii Harwood

The checkered and polka-dot trends collide to become this fierce fashion statement this season. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Hot pants, boy shorts and tap pants are all variations on this shorter-than-short style. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
In summer, fashion tends get a little more revealing, we blame it on the heat and one's desire to show off. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Turn to the sheer and see-through trend to keep you cool yet sexy that are a mixture of the soft and feminine.(Pic: Daily Mirror)
Continuing to be a wardrobe staple for summer, the bikini is a simple way to look chic on a fresh day. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
When it comes to standing out from the rest of the beach-goers or pool-side tanners, a sexy bikini would make you stand out and get noticed. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
With all things in fashion, styles evolve and trends come and go. One of the fairly newer things on the swimsuit scene is the polka bikini. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Beautiful designs with fantastic embellishments have been made in the style this season in bikinis. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Well, regardless of if you lay in the sand or splash in the surf, there's no doubt you'd attract all kinds of attention in a beautifully bedazzled bikini. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Whether subtle cuts or huge chunky rips, the sexy bikini looks spectacular. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Bold cuts, perfect curves and feminine grace in a sassy micro-bikini, a sureshot way to make heads turn. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
The ultra-feminine number is sure to send those pulses racing and temperatures burning! (Pic: Daily Mirror)
For gals who prefer dark and solid colours, selecting swimwear becomes an opportunity to break out of the mold and have fun with fashion. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Infrequently demure, a bikini trend that can be styled to ooze both sex and sophistication without ever saying 'easy'. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
The lingerie trends are not for the faint-at-heart, but for those who dare to go bare to feel young and hip. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
The bikinis reveal the beautiful forms of the body, yet they conceal a certain amount of skin making the style mysterious and sexy at the same time. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Black and white seems to be the season's most striking colours. Try it out to keep up with the matchless trend. (Pic: Daily Mirror)

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