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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Celeb scandals caught on tape

It seems all of Hollywood is getting hot and heavy on camera! A look at the celebs whose sexcapades have been caught on tape...

Rumor had it, that Britney's ex Adnan Ghalib immortalized his affair with the troubled pop-star with a video camera. The British paparazzi claims that he and Britney, who reportedly wears nothing but a pink wig throughout the X-rated piece, made the footage while on holiday in Mexico. (AFP/Kevin Winter)
Way back in 1998, a stolen sex video of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee on their honeymoon was stolen from their home and caused a huge stir. The couple became became one of Hollywood's first Internet sex tape sensations when their romantic gateway was released on the Web. (AGENCIES)
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian enjoyed a huge boost in fame after her own sex tape featuring her and then-boyfriend rapper Ray J hit the internet. In 2007, a pornographic home video she had made with her then-boyfriend was leaked and the socialite pursued legal action against Vivid Entertainment for ownership of the tape. (AGENCIES)
It all began with Paris Hilton and Rick Solomon's desire to videotape them doing the horizontal mambo for their later viewing pleasure. Alas, the couple's love didn't last and the tape was leaked. The party girl had even more embarrassment when another video, this time featuring a playful frolic in a bubble bath, was also leaked. (AP/Chris Weeks)
Carrie Prejean: US beauty queen Carrie Prejean had dropped her lawsuit against the Miss USA pageant after organisers reportedly found her featuring in a hardcore homemade sex tape. (AP/Eric Jamison)
Jennifer Lopez sued her ex-husband Ojani Noa for allegedly violating a confidentiality agreement by trying to sell a sex tape of the pair made on their honeymoon in 1997. But later a judge granted the singer a temporary restraining order barring ex-husband from peddling sexy home videos from the couple's 11-month marriage. (AGENCIES)
Just days after her Ustream naked video rant shocked the world, a sex tape surfaced on a porn site that showed Tila Tequila in a compromising position with a naked man. She claimed that this tape was stolen from a laptop two years ago. (AGENCIES)
The drama just won't stop for 'Real Housewife of New Jersey' Danielle Staub. We have to admit, we can't get enough of her outlandish antics, well, there was news of a Danielle sex tape. And the tape was revealed by none other than Danielle's much younger boy, Toy Steve whom she dated. (AGENCIES)
It appears as if celebs hving sex tape scandals is the hottest thing in H'wood, as 'Gossip Girl' actress, Leighton Meester caused quite a stir in the tabloid world after having a sex tape in the market. The steamy video was shot years ago with Leighton nude in some scenes, including a scene where Meester shows off her foot-skills. (AFP/Mark Ralston)
Playboy playmate Shauna Sand seeked to take legal action against film distribution company Vivid Entertainment over the release of a sex tape featuring the model and her boyfriend. The busty blonde claimed an explicit video, set to be released, had been acquired illegally and the company had no legal right to distribute the racy footage. (AGENCIES)

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