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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

B'wood's 'lip'-suction

Wanna make it big in Bollywood? Learn from these babes. Yes, looks, looks and just looks is the only criteria in the glam world. Let's check out the stars who succumbed to the lure of the knife for luscious and fuller lips.You know the secret behind Rakhi Sawant's sensuous pout? Those are collagen injections to make her lips bigger and fuller. Going J-Lo's way Rakhi?

Something is not right with Kangana Ranaut's lips these days. And this has got a lot of tongues wagging about her changed set of lips. Let’s hear from Kangana…

It was reported Esha Deol, who always craved for a pair of luscious and fuller lips, had gone under the knife, but she’s never admitted it openly.

She often used to complain about her thin lips but of late, Koena Mitra has begun sporting a fuller, sexier pout!

It’s a hawk eye that can make out whether glam-doll lips are natural or plastic. The latest buzz suggests that Katrina has undergone a lip surgery to for fuller lips.

Sophie Chaudhary went under the knife to enhance her lips which, according to us, were hot and sensuous naturally. Why the pain, Sophie?

Wondered what’s behind that sexy pout of Priyanka Chopra? Well, her seductive lips owe some thanks to the surgeon’s knife.

Sameera Reddy has seen a lot of make-overs with her extra-slimmer looks and curcavcious body. And her lip job is the latest step to up her beauty.

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