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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Animal prints can reveal your wild side perfectly!(Robert Hammar Photography,

With her natural grace, the model undoubtedly makes a sensuous picture.(Robert Hammar Photography,

Take a bold step forward and reveal your passion in delicate pink bikini.(Robert Hammar Photography,

Express your sex appeal by combining right bikini with lots of confidence.(Robert Hammar Photography,

Go for trendy bikini to take advantage of your fab curves(Robert Hammar Photography,

Going wild... with this itsy-bitsy number you can look bold yet beautiful. (Robert Hammar Photography,

Dark tresses give diffrent dimension to model's fair complexion altogether.(Robert Hammar Photography,

Just by intense gaze and sensuous body launguage; you can experss your feeling to the T.(Robert Hammar Photography,

The 'little blue' in model's bikini combines beautifully with the pool's blue backdrop.(Robert Hammar Photography,

This brunette sure knows how to work her magic on you!(Robert Hammar Photography,

Selecting proper bikini for your body is the key to look sexy!(Robert Hammar Photography,

Be naughty and daring this season... opt for this little stringy number.(Robert Hammar Photography,

Model in animal print bikini and sharp features resembles a tigress on the prawl in the wild.(Robert Hammar Photography,

Free your mind and soul from all inhibition by spending a day with the nature.(Robert Hammar Photography,

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