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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A double graduate, painter, dancer, and a singer, Anaida stormed on the Indian music scene with her hit single 'Hotline'. (Pic. courtesy: Ashish Chanana)
Anaida is perhaps the most accomplished female dancer and singer to grace the Indi-pop music scene.(Pic courtesy: Ashish Chanana)
Not many know that before Anaida hit the limelight she was living off her paintings. To this day, nothing relaxes her more than retreating into her imaginative creations with colors, her array of brushes and a canvas. (Pic courtesy: Vikas Monawer)
Anaida has also lent her voices to a number of south Indian movies, adding languages Tamil and Malayalam to her list of releases. (Pic: Vijay Barse)
Anaida's song 'Quest' was one of her most critically acclaimed songs. Totally different and truly international, it got her international offers. (Pic: Vijay Barse)
Anaida proved her versatility when she demonstrated her ability to sing a fun song like 'Hakuna Matata' in Hindi with the same ease and grace as she crooned the English ballad with Peter Andre. (Pic: Vijay Barse)
Anaida is known for her international style of music blending perfectly Persian, Middle Eastern, Southern European, and Indian styles. (Pic: Vijay Barse)
Some of Anaida's hits include 'Oova Oova', 'Mailu Mailu', 'Oonchi Neechi', 'Kaachi Kali' and 'Diwani diwani, to name a few. (Pic: Vijay Barse)
With a fresh voice and charming soft looks, Anaida has waxed an eloquent career with her dedication and devotion to her work.
(Pic: Vijay Barse)
Ardent fan of AR Rahman, Anaida also loves music of Harris Jeyaraj. (Pic: Vijay Barse)
Besides music, this lovely lass also likes to read, surf the net, paint, write, dance and gardening. (Pic: Vijay Barse)
Secret of Anaida's success lies in her grip over 8 different languages. (Pic: Vijay Barse)
Versatile singer Anaida make it a point to do riyaaz for half an hour daily, depending on the schedule. (Pic: Vijay Barse)
Anaida loves performing in front of live audience.(Pic: Vijay Barse)

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