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Monday, August 9, 2010

B'wood's bad bodies

We present to you some celebs who aren't really known for their perfect figure.
Her thunder thighs and bulky forearms stopped her from attaining the status of a good actress despite she managed to prove her acting mettle in some movies. Now we heard that she is doing an item number, so we think it won't work with this figure Sonali!

Little extra kilos here and there didn't stop her to get the tag of 'item queen' in Bollywood and despite that she has many fans added to her list.

Meghna Naidu always had puppy-fat right from her 'Kaliyon Ka Chaman' days. The B-grade string of films that she is known for did not mind her chubbiness as far as she was willing to expose

Famously known as the 'Helen' of Bhojpuri cinema, Sambhavna Seth rules many hearts when it comes to Bhojpuri fans but lacks her popularity in Bollywood because of her heavy boy structure.

From her 'Maachis' days to now, Tabu has come a long way and her figure also has accompanied her in true sense. Tabu's tummy and her forearms prove what we say.

Manisha Koirala was so much out of shape that her extra weight was easily visible which really did not proved positive for the actress and soon she vanished from the silver screen.

With due regards to her acting abilities, Kajol isn't known for her great body or sexy looks. Her chubby tummy and her thighs says it all.

Vidya Balan or 'aunty' needs to shape up her body really soon as her good acting skills and cute smile only won't help her for long.

In Bollywood where the actors are opting for six and eight packs, only Govinda manages to fit in the role of a hero despite of his bulky body structure.

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