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Monday, August 9, 2010

B'wood's Barbie dolls

The Barbie doll celebrated its 50th Anniversary this year. So Mattel Toys India Pvt. Ltd. is all set to introduce a celebrity Barbie's range in India. Here's a look at our actresses who are best suitable to be impersonated as Barbie dolls.
The gorgeous Katrina Kaif will be the first Indian celebrity on whose likeness a Barbie doll will be created by Mattel Toys India Pvt. Ltd. So, finally Kat is going to be the new celeb face of the doll.

'Sen'-sational Riya is one of the strong contenders on the list of Barbie doll because of her sultry features and raw sex appeal. The actress gets a place on the list as she is one of the sexiest actresses in B-town, may not be talented though.

Dia Mirza has a perfect body, elegant personality and looks that are not less than a doll. She also has the right attitude to carry off any attire with elan, so Dia is one of the strongest contenders.

Deepika's beautiful eyes, pleasant smile, sharp features and perfect well toned body are suitable for Barbie's face. Also, her sports background adds to her perfectly toned body.

Her high cheek bones, sharp features, beautiful eyes and killer smile make her a strong contender for the face of Barbie Doll.

This leggy lass has a great figure. Her height, features and lovely smile make her a strong contender for the face of Barbie Doll. But now that she is all set to marry will her fans accept a married 'Barbie'...?

Priyanka has a gorgeous smile and beautiful hair. Her beautiful features and complete persona get her a place on this list and not to forget her long list of fans would make her a hot-seller as a Barbie.

Since the time Aishwarya won the Miss World title, there have been numerous attempts to immortalize the Indian beauty as a Barbie Doll. Aishwarya is still the most sought after celebrities to be impersonated as a doll.

Her curly locks and beautiful features give her a perfect doll like look. Her young age is an asset for her as the youth of our country would relate to her quite easily.

This bubbly actress is as beautiful as a doll. Her cute face and bubbly looks make her a perfect choice to be impersonated as a Barbie doll.

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