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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Through all your worries on wind and enjoy a cool summer breeze in this white attire. (Source : '')

Show your funky mode by draping into that simple yet stylish white tee and brown skirt and not to forget a big smile!! (Source : '')

Frills if wore correctly can give you the extraordinaire look which is too perfect.(Source : '')

Checkered dress fits the bill if you are looking for style with comfort. (Source : '')

Correct posture is equally important to carry any dress such like this one. (Source : '')

Golden girl, make a style statement by going completely daring in this gold coloured leather jacket.(Source : '')

Beige is the safest colour you can choose for your wardrobe for any season. (Source : '')

Flaunt your care free attitude with this simple off-shoulder dress in flowing material. (Source : '')

Puffed sleeves shirt stands out for its off-beat style and the way Eva has carried it. (Source : '')

Beauty combined with wild passion is a dangerous combination to handle. (Source : '')

Red printed jump suit is the thing you need to stand apart from the crowd. (Source : '')

Black magic, spread your magic on others in this vintage black dress combined with white waist band. (Source : '

Diamond studded 'Tiara' compliments this beauty draped in white sequined jacket dress. (Source : '')

Add colour to your mono-toned clothing by using funky headgear which will give splendid results.(Source : '')

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