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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bikini car washers

Here is a look at some real 'Bikini Car Washers'.

A woman performs a striptease during an erotic car wash show at the Autoexotica festival in Moscow. (REUTERS)

A bikini-clad employee of "Bubbles 'n Babes", in Brisbane on 04 May 2007. (AFP)

A bikini-clad employee of "Bubbles 'n Babes", in Brisbane on 04 May 2007. (AFP)

Girls at the "Bikini Carwash" in Hasselt get a thank you kiss from a happy customer after she and her colleague have well done their job. (AFP)

Two bikini-clad Philippine women wash a car in the conservative and Catholic city of Iloilo in Central Philippines on June 22, 2002. (REUTERS)

A car washer Laurie Ann wipes away the suds from the windscreen at 'The Kittens Car Wash' in Melbourne. (AFP)

'Bikini Carwash' is a service at Hasselt in Belgium where customers can have their cars washed by some nice beauties for 900 Belgian Francs (Some 25 US dollars).


In 'Bubbles 'n Babes' service station all the cars get washed by the bikini models.


'Bubbles 'n Babes' is a nude car wash service at Brisbane, Australia.


'The Kitten Car Wash' service station is well known for its sexy bikini washers and quality services.  (AFP)

'Bubbles 'n Babes' service uses only recycled water to wash the vehicles.


'The Kitten Car Wash' has been operating in Oakleigh since mid-2006, offering a basic car wash service for between $10-$35 based on the size of the vehicle. (AFP)

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