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Monday, November 22, 2010

Celebs' ways to hide their date!

Here's a look at the celebs who did bizarre things to avoid being caught on a date, but failed!
The sensational Christina Aguilera reportedly tried to hide her date by putting a blanket over him during one of her outings with friends Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. However, it apparently didn't work for the star, as Matthew D Rutler was revealed as her date! (REUTERS/)
The super-bold Pamela Anderson apparently tried to hide the identity of her date when she was spotted attending a fashion week in London with a mystery man wearing a white mask and gloves. (AFP/)
Kim Kardashian's brother Rob apparently couldn't manage to hide his love relationship with Angela Simmons for long. The two were caught on a date in Los Angeles, when Angela reportedly tried to cover her face with his hoodie! (AGENCIES/)
Charlie Sheen donned a supposedly disguised look to meet Angelina Tracy, as the actor left the rehab centre sometime back. (REUTERS/)
Footballer Jermaine Defoe was spotted with a mystery woman, who reportedly asked for a tablecloth to hide her identity as the two went out on a date! (AGENCIES/)

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