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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vogue's best-dressed list

Take a look at the 10 best dressed celebs, according to the latest list released by 'Vogue':

Supermodel Kate Moss has been declared 'Best Dressed of the Decade' on Vogue's list. (AFP/)
'Gossip Girl' star Blake Lively has been named 'The Bombshell' on Vogue's list of world's most stylish celebs of 2010. (REUTERS/)
Stunning beauty Marion Cotillard has been named 'The Screen Siren' on the list. (REUTERS/)
US First Lady Michelle Obama, who's known for her distinguished sense of styling, has won 'The Independent' title on the list. (REUTERS/)
Hollywood hottie Jessica Biel won the title of 'American Beauty' on the list. (REUTERS/)
The stylish Alexa Chung has been named 'Street Cool' on Vogue's latest best-dressed list. (AGENCIES/)
The uber-chic Sarah Jessica Parker has been named 'Haute Bohemian' on the list. (AP/Charles Sykes)
Supermodel Liya Kebede has been named 'Conscious Chic' as she too features on Vogue's latest best-dressed list. (AGENCIES/)
Actress Carey Mulligan has won the 'Free Spirit' tag as she made it to the list. (REUTERS/)
Known for her bizarre styling sense, pop sensation Lady Gaga has been named 'The Visionary' on this list. (REUTERS/)

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