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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Celebs with insured assets

Take a look at the celebrities who've insured their hot-favourite body parts for some whopping millions:
Heidi Klum: This seductive babe is believed to have got her long legs insured for as much as $2.2 million.

Rihanna: Grapevine has it that pop diva Rihanna has insured her sexy legs for $1 million. Way to go girl!(Getty Images)

Minissha Lamba: After her much-evident transformation from a girl-next-door to a sexy diva(all thanks to her bikini-act in 'Kidnap'), this B-town damsel reportedly insured her curvacious butt for an unknown amount.

Angie Dickinson: Going by the reports, renowned model Angie Dickinson has insured her legs for $1 million.(Robert Hammar Photography,

David Beckham: Style icon David Beckham's masculine legs are insured for $70 million, claim reports.

Mariah Carey:Believe it or not, but the super-sexy Mariah Carey reportedly has her legs insured for a whopping billion! (REUTERS/Desmond Boylan)

John Abraham: Bollywood heartthrob John Abraham has his irresistible derriere insured for Rs 10 Crore.

Dolly Parton: Sex symbol Dolly Parton is believed to have insured her breasts for $600,000. (REUTERS)

Brooke Shields: This beauty's legs are insured for an undisclosed amount.

Tina Turner: This leggy lass is known to have her legs insured for $3.2 million.

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