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Saturday, October 30, 2010

H'wood's top body icons

Here's a look at 10 of Hollywood's top body icons, according to a latest survey:
Hollywood hottie Jennifer Aniston has been voted as the top body icon in a latest survey conducted by Astral. Reports suggest that most respondents felt that the 41-year-old beauty was the star they could relate to. (AGENCIES)

The blonde bombshell of the 50s and 60s, Marilyn Monroe, is an ultimate body icon for many, according to a survey conducted by the moisturiser brand Astral. (AFP)

One of the most highly-paid actresses in Hollywood, busty babe Halle Berry has also featured on the list of top body icons. (AGENCIES)

The gorgeous Cheryl Cole surely looks like a real body icon with her irresistible curves. (Getty Images)

Light-eyed beauty Cameron Diaz features on the list with a body to flaunt! (Getty Images)

Elizabeth Taylor was considered a sex goddess in her hey days. She was one woman who had the power to drive men to distraction and make them give up anything and everything for her. Even today, the actress is among Hollywood's top body icons. (AGENCIES)

Towering beauty Nicole Kidman, with her skinny hot-bod, makes to the list of Hollywood's top body icons.  (REUTERS)

Oscar-winner Kate Winslet too features on this list with her fab body.  (REUTERS)

The bold and beautiful Sandra Bullock is one beauty with a body to die for! The actress has bagged a positon among H'wood's top 10 body icons, according to a latest survey. (REUTERS)

Actress Rachel McAdams too makes it to the list of Hollywood's top body icons. (AP)

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