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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Erotic and hot bikinis

The perfect pink piece is just waiting to be slipped on by you. (Pic: Daily Mirror)

The hot blue bikini doesn't have to beg to be noticed. (Pic: Daily Mirror)

If you want to boggle his mind, go for this erotic hot piece. (Pic: Daily Mirror)

The catty print makes the babe dangerously sexy and bold. (Pic: Daily Mirror)

The juicy orange number is for you and your lover to be thrilled. (Pic: Daily Mirror)

It's nice to break the mold at times to get naughty in yellow bikini. (Pic: Daily Mirror)

You will feel absolutely wild in a bold piece like this. (Pic: Daily Mirror)

Peek-a-boo stylish bikini let your lovers see just enough. (Pic: Daily Mirror)

The racy colour is the defination of your passion and fashion. (Pic: Daily Mirror)

White and red bikini is the picture of sensuousness and romance. (Pic: Daily Mirror)

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