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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Addite Shirwaikar

Addite Shirwakar, who has so far played very positive and jovial type of characters, simply loved her roles!
Addite Shirwaikar is a homely girl and loves to spend time with friends rather than partying. (BCCL Photo)
Don't mess with me or... Addite Shirwaikar looking rough and tough in this picture. (BCCL Photo)
Addite Shirwaikar makes it a point to give her best no matter how big or small the role is.
Addite Shirwaikar is excited about her acting career as so many offers are in the pipeline. (BCCL Photo)
White is always right; Addite Shirwaikar looks fabulous in a white attire. (BCCL Photo)
Addite Shirwaikar looks glamorous wearing colourful accessories. (BCCL Photo)

Addite Shirwaikar playes the role of 'Chandramukhi' in the serial Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan. (BCCL Photo)

Addite looks innocent in a pink outfit. (BCCL Photo)

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