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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Neda carries off her sensuality with an unmistakable elan.(Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
Neda's super toned body sure is the object of envy for many women. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
Her luscious lips and smooth complexion are Neda's assets. She sure drives men crazy with them. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
Neda sits in a coy pose amongst fresh blooms looking like a pretty bud herself. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
Neda has got expressive eyes that sparkle with a glint.(Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
She is a picture of a simmering sensuality. Neda has got all that it takes to be a super model. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
Neda displays her buttery smooth body, her wild wavy hair add a bit of naughtiness. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
Neda looks smoking hot in this fiery pink bikini; the orchids in her hair and as a prop in her hand add an enticing touch.(Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
The beautiful babe strikes a confident pose. Neda's attitude is striking for the onlooker. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)

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