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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Passion fashion

For something fun, you can always try the cute print bikini which comes with its own charm. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Spice up your night with a sexy bikini in blue. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Animal prints are either absolutely 'in' or horribly 'out', so take a tip from this sexy model. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
A little bit of glimmer will thrust you in the spotlight, so if you want to be the cynosure of all eyes go some animal prints. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
If you've got the curves, go for a figure-hugging leopard print number like the one seen here. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
While donning an animal print fabric, remember, the point is to represent the elegance of the animal, not feel like one! (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Just a touch of leopard can also look uber-cool. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
If your in the mood to experiment, pick up an uber-sexy knotted bikini in pink. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Neat little blue number highlighted with accessories detailing is delightful and the cuts here are unremarkably conventional. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
It's all about colour this season, the brighter the better! (Pic: Daily Mirror)

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