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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Arvina is all set to let her hair down. (Source: Sharma)
Dressed in a glamorous golden bikini, Arvina flaunts her beautiful body. (Source: Sharma)
Posing in an arousing manner, Arvina shows off her shimmering side. (Source: Sharma)

Cool glasses, hot bikini, and Arvina is ready to take the world by storm. (Source: Sharma)
Arvina strikes a sensual pose. (Source: Sharma)
Dressed to kill!: Arvina grabs the attention with a beautiful tube top. (Source: Sharma)
Black and red becomes the flavour of the season as Arvina puts on this stunning outfit. (Source: Sharma)
Arvina gives out a profound look.(Source: Sharma)
Sh'es got it all, she'll flaunt it all too! (Source: Sharma)

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