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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flimsy beguile

Bikini mania: Bikini should be a classy thing that adds a little spice to your confidence. (Source:Eastman Photography)
From toe look to tan look!!: Sold in hot shades, the bikinis are the fabric that lets the imagination chase through. (Source:Eastman Photography)
You would love to take this glam doll on a shore: Blue bikini, since being in trend for many years, has been girl's first choice. (Source:Eastman Photography)
What draws youngster's attention?: Trendy, branded and stylish bikini adds more get-go to a girl's bewitched attitude.(Source:Eastman Photography)
Dotted blue: While a costume adds a basic personality to one's perfection, bikini reflects a sporting touch. (Source:Eastman Photography)
For those of you who are tried of all those costumes on you, try this wonderful colour bikini that gives a woo touch. (Source:Eastman Photography)
Norma unveils a dotted blue bikini with broad strips on the lower that brings all the attention to you. (Source:Eastman Photography)
Chic look: Colourful bikini can add that extra touch on the beach. (Source:Eastman Photography)
Latest fad: If you want to make your man to pay little more attention, all you need to do is strut about in a bikini that makes him impulsive. (Source:Eastman Photography)
Gloomy touch on waist with spotty lace adds charm to a babe. (Source:Eastman Photography)
Most men are vulnerable to sexy lingerie. The others gratifiy with their looks. (Source:Eastman Photography)
Angel makes heads turn with this magnificent touch bikini. (Source:Eastman Photography)

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