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Saturday, January 30, 2010

H'wood bizarre fashion

Some Hollywood babes make a living out of their style statements. And their job is to look glam at all possible times. But there are some who scream for attention with their unfetching and inappropriate tastes. Here's a look at some fashion disasters…

Most of the clothes she wears are attention grabbing, but the notorious Dita Von Teese stretched it a tad too far when she performed in this outfit. (Pic: Getty images)
Anna Nicole Smith cut a memorable figure and stayed in the news with her bizzare appearance at a show when she pulled down her light pink slip... to show the MTV stickers! (Pic: Getty images)
There's no denying that Jodie looks hot even when she's covered head to toe. In that case, she could have settled for a less provocative number! (Pic: Getty images)
Coco was the centre of attraction in a see-through gown at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards in Miami. (REUTERS)
Katie Price aka Jordan doesn't look fetching in this revealing short golden outfit. It's garish, even by the standards of the glitzy bash. (AGENCIES)
She achieved fame overnight, but not for the reasons she wished for. Chotiros made waves with a controversial dress with inch-wide slits, but the fame was short-lived.  (REUTERS)
How do you grab attention at a do infested by glam divas? Ask Jennifer Lopez! A plunging neckline really works wonders. (AGENCIES)
Bai Ling looks hot and sultry but pity we can't say the same about her dress. We don't know what to make out of her outfit. (Pic: Getty images)
It was because of this swan dress that Bjork was listed as a big fashion disaster in the history. Well, there is nothing like never bad-publicity, if you want to be in the public memory! (REUTERS)
Model Gaggy Richens should've known by now that a pink gown with noodle straps is a done-to-death fashion statement. (Pic: Getty images)
We have seen backless, strapless and off shoulder gowns. But something with straps and a non-exisiting back! Is that what Carmen is showing off? (REUTERS)

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