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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Full-on-fetish babes

The hearty and lovely bikini to make the mood extra festive. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
The stark and vibrant orange will tempt him to the core. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
When everything else fails, the knotty number stands by you. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
The purple passion will add spice to the already lively evening. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
For an easy-breezy evening, try out this unique style. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
To have things different from others, this funky piece will set you into the mood to be creative. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
The bikini makes the babe wilder at heart. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
So cute to boot! Go for a flowery number. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Nothing feels better against your skin than an entrapping hot number. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
To begin, nothing else than polka can play it well. (Pic: Daily Mirror)

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