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Thursday, January 28, 2010

H'wood's plastic beauties

They love to look young, and stay young! And for that these divas wouldn't mind botox injections, silicon implants or the surgeon's knife on any part of their bodies… just to look and feel sexy and 'enhanced'!

Marissa Miller: Doctors say Marissa's frame is too small to naturally hold her ample bosom, but the gorgeous girl likes to keep 'em big! (AGENCIES)
Christina Aguilera: The sudden spurt in a heavy bust post-pregnancy, made the singer the talk of the town. In her early 'Dirty' days, Christina did resort to implants for a fuller look.  (REUTERS/Daniele la Monaca)
Mariah Carey: She's got the perfect proportions and no cellulite, but don’t we think her curves are too good to be true... errr natural! (AGENCIES)
Adriana Lima: Who cares if her curves are for real or not? But, if we were to compare them with earlier images, there's a little doubt that Adriana Lima had a little help from the surgeon! (AGENCIES)
Katie Price: The actress, divorced recently, once wanted a surgery that could make her a virgin again to please her now ex-husband. Just for the sake of statistics, she has had breast augmentation done thrice. (Getty Images/Gareth Cattermole)
Jodie Marsh: The oft-seen-topless Jodie is the darling of the paparazzi. They simply can't get enough of her hot bod, her skimpy outfits and starry antics. (Getty Images)
Bar Rafaeli: Bar Rafaeli has quite generous assets for her bony and lanky built. Even though the supermodel hates to admit, from the looks of it, Bar has gone under the knife. (Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain)
Britney Spears: The ex-teen sensation had it all until she lost it all in a world that spiraled out of control. From extensive plastic surgery to bad boob jobs, there’s no line between real and fake anymore. (REUTERS/Rolando Aviles)
Stephanie Seymour: Tabloids have written about this bootylicious babe and how she’d used silicone implants. Love to keep your fans guessing Stephanie? (REUTERS/Jeff Christensen)
Hilary Swank: While some believe Hilary Swank is naturally busty, others believe she had a breast augmentation sometime after the release of her breakout film 'Boys Don't Cry'.  (REUTERS/Mike Blake)
Kim Kardashian: That derriere is the talk of the town, but Kim's bustline, according to gossip, is not real. Not that we mind, especially when those curves make for pulsating pictures! (Getty Images/Gareth Cattermole)
Megan Fox: That gorgeous face and a hot body do miracles on-screen as well as off-screen. If we are to go by paparazzi shots, Megan's assets were smaller than what they are now. A touch of the knife, eh Megan? (AGENCIES)

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