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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Some of the more risky or daring types of lingerie come in fabrics such as as leather and lace. They can be matched up with many different types of accessories. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
The colour black is a hit among women because it is always available, it’s versatile and it has a reputation for being slimming. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)

The hot look this summer is floaty and flirty, so embrace the mood and invest in some softly seductive lingerie to delight and woo... (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)

Lingerie fashion inspires women to embrace their own sexuality and identify what intimacy means to them. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)

With summer trends once again incorporating fun, flirty dresses and feminine, detailed blouses - it’s important to have the right undergarments on to look your best. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
Timeless elegance and glamour are the backdrop for this sophisticated luxurious lingerie. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)

It is all about get ready to flirt with a subtler form of seduction. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)

Thongs have been big for quite awhile, and with an even large variety of styles and fashions being designed, it just keeps on going. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)

This year is an exciting one for lingerie trends, and it will definately help you spark some excitement in the bedroom! (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
Do a little research and find out what lingerie style suits your body to make you look more sexy and sensual! (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
Just when you thought that the usual nights are getting boring with the same old fashioned inner wears to woo your spouse. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
The feminine touch is emphasised by elegant, shimmering fabrics, lace and shiny fabric. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)
Lingerie fashion is everywhere this season- get your gear off and experiment a little. (Source:, Photo: Jeff Navarro)

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