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Friday, March 26, 2010


She accentuates her feline grace and perfect curves in a sassy number. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Treat youself to some sweet and sizzling exposures. (Pic: Malibustrings)

She will certainly woo you with the woman-charmer in her. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Her flirty eyes and oomphy attitude do the talking.(Pic: Malibustrings)

Adore the seductive mode and curves of the splashy babe. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Model April shows what it takes to be a diva. (Pic: Malibustrings)

The wild bikini is ideal to lounge on a rock beside a sea shore. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Ready to cast a spell, April gives a hypnotising look. (Pic: Malibustrings)

April seems to be clad in the season's hottest and naughtiest bikini.(Pic: Malibustrings)

Catch the saucy babe with her lethal curves. (Pic: Malibustrings)

The model gives a wet and wicked look. (Pic: Malibustrings)

April wears her sassiness in style and perfection. (Pic: Malibustrings)

The doe-eyed lass sets herself to tempt you in this animal-printed bikini. (Pic: Malibustrings)

An attractive posture and a microbikini creates the magic. (Pic: Malibustrings)

Her peach and cream complexion is bound to attract you. (Pic: Malibustrings)

The cool blue colour is a sure shot way to make her hot.(Pic: Malibustrings)

The printed bikini emphasizes her curves. (Pic: Malibustrings)

The sultry siren reflects the bold statement in a tiny heart-throbbing number. (Pic: Malibustrings)

With her rocking mood, she will make lots of heads turn. (Pic: Malibustrings)

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