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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


If you've got the figure for it, go for a really tight halter bikini in various hues to show off your curves. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Teamed with a pair of matching and tasteful accessories, these bikinis are classy and sure to attract admiring glances. (Pic: Malibustrings)
The best bet in bikinis are the timeless ones in white and this is one trend that will never come to an end. (Pic: Malibustrings)
A plunging neckline and halters add a nice touch to the bikinis, but opt for either one or the other. (Pic: Malibustrings)
A well-fitted white bikini will give you a fresh and pretty look. (Pic: Malibustrings)
These bikinis, with its unusual folds and translucent fabric are particularly striking that give you a sassy look. (Pic: Malibustrings)
A perfect bikini will you to serve to hide body flaws like wide hips or slightly heavy legs. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Bikini is a sensual number in itself and a royal green and pink hues are just the thing for a scintillating effect. (Pic: Malibustrings)
The smooth cut and glossy appearance of the bikinis make a great choice for the beachside. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Sparkling bikinis are sure to have heads turning wherever you go. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Ditch boring hues if you're feeling adventurous and go with the colours of the season, the bright the better. (Pic: Malibustrings)
The riot of colours and the sexy accessories matched are enough to shock you into silence! (Pic: Malibustrings)
If you want to go the ultra-feminine route, nothing is better than beautiful bikinis. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Every woman should have one of this, a hot halter bikini to make the right impression. (Pic: Malibustrings)

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