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Friday, March 26, 2010


This set of sizzling bikini, with its shimmering details along are prefect for that glam doll look. (Pic: Malibustrings)
There's no reason to leave the bling factor behind, that you can create with your smooth skin! (Pic: Malibustrings)
The classic silver bikini has made a huge comeback in keeping with the range for all things retro! (Pic: Malibustrings)
This ultra sexy bikini will make sure that all eyes are on you with its net detailing. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Dazzling silver is another perennial favourite when it comes to bikinis. (Pic: Malibustrings)
A sizzling set of bikini in silver with a hot pair of accessories and sexy stilettos are perfect for a party at the beach side. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Draped in elegance, the model seems to flaunt her sensuous side to the world as she lets her hair down in a set of sassy bikini. (Pic: Malibustrings)
This summer, get drenched in the beauty of your inner self, rejenuvate and relax yourself with a spa. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Michele's svelte body and near-concave flat abs are a source of envy for many women out there and her beauty adds to the oomph factor. (Pic: Malibustrings)
At times it's just a ruffled hair and nothing more to put you on to the wild side. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Tousled hair, beautiful eyes and a matching attitude will leave you looking glam without trying! (Pic: Malibustrings)
You can do wonders with long and lovely cascade hair. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Coloured hair is a complete 'no' when it comes to fashion and style. Sport your natural look to match the trends. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Ditch boring hues if you're feeling adventurous and go with the colour of the season, blazing hot in blue. (Pic: Malibustrings)
The elongated hair may enhance one's natural look and an exquisite skin is the order of the day. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Smooth complexion is one such asset that adds a compliment to Michele's personality. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Alter your choice to halters, the latest fad among divas this summers. (Pic: Malibustrings)
Get moving and tone up your bod to strut around in those itsy-bitsy numbers. (Pic: Malibustrings)

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