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Friday, March 26, 2010

Ashley Hayman

In a mood to experiment? Try this knotty number to see the flattering effect.(Source: johan westen -
Lots of style and oodles of glam. The girl has a perfect style in a hot pair.(Source: johan westen -
The diva highlights the beach look in a sizzling number with bold cuts.(Source: johan westen -
The uber-hot bikini is the right choice for fashion divas who deserve to feel beautiful.(Source: johan westen -
Bikinis are always the style mantra at the beaches. Try it with accessories this time to enhance the look.(Source: johan westen -
Cool blue is the hot colour of the moment and the babe turns a sensation in it.(Source: johan westen -
Spending your day on the lazy beach? Soft blue colours match the mood.(Source: johan westen -
Adorable body and some stylish accessories makes Ashley an ultimate seductress.(Source: johan westen -
Some cool accessories are a must to complete any bikini look.(Source: johan westen -
Babe looks hot sporting the matching accessories with her hot monokini.(Source: johan westen -
For a refreshing and a natural look, icy shades of blue do it all. (Source: johan westen -
Wana make a bold statement? Go for a trendy monokini. (Source: johan westen -
Bikini continues to be stylish and fun for the beaches.(Source: johan westen -
Absolute sexiness lies in the leapard print number.(Source: johan westen -
Fashionistas know it all. A hot white pair really does wonders.(Source: johan westen -
Why not get the most chic of it at the beach? Matching junk pieces are one of the real trends.(Source: johan westen -
If you thought beaches were just about some snow-white or icy colours then you are just missing the wild number over here.(Source: johan westen -
Hour-glass figure and a bikini with bold cuts. Way to go!(Source: johan westen -
Ashley's bkini makes a bold statement with it's back and side cuts.(Source: johan westen -
Opt for wilder styles this season and experiment with your hot number.(Source: johan westen -
Nothing can be better than an animal-printed bikini when you wana a hot and wild effect.(Source: johan westen -
Add a little spice and fun to your beach moments with accessories to go with your bikini.(Source: johan westen -
Wana know the secret to the beautiful-looking you? Go for that sizzling animal print.(Source: johan westen -

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