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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PFMI '10: Finalists

Gurpreet Bedi wants to stand out among all her other contestants and be a clear winner at the Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2010. She can make men go week in their knees with her 5'. 7'' height and her figure with 33-25.5-34. (BCCL)
Malvika Raj's ravishing looks at 5' 8.5'' can sweep you off your feet and with this attitude she is sure to make her way in the winners list. She could be every photographer's queen with attractive stats of 33-26-36 and defined eyes. (BCCL)
At five feet and eight inches, Neha Hinge hopes high to win the Miss India title 2010 and with her oomph she sure is a tough competitor. The beauty with a vital stats of 33-25-36.5 looks sizzling as she keeps her best foot forward in competition of Miss India 2010. (BCCL)
Alisha Pekha decides to rule the Miss India 2010 pageant with her flattering figure of 32-24-35 and sizzling height of 5' 8.5''. The beauty has the assest which every woman would crave for, her sweet smile can win anyone's heart. (BCCL)
With 54 kgs, Nicole Alvares looks smashingly hot as she poses for the lenses flaunting her perfect figure with 33-26-35.5. The beauty hopes to win the esteemed crown of Miss India 2010 as she exudes confidence as the beauty strikes a pose for the lenses. (BCCL)
Shining bright in perfect purple with 35-28-37 figure, Ashima Jain is all set to giver her competitors a tough time at Miss India 2010. At Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2010, it's all about the right attitude that Ashima seems to possess it. (BCCL)
With 32-28-36, perfect stars Krithika Lakshmi Babu is sure that the crown will find its way to her. She is one of the finalists of PFMI '10 who is already in the mood to celebrate. The diva defines attitude and style her own way. (BCCL)
With slim and hot bod of 34-26-36.5 stats, Aeshra Patel is sure that the Miss India 2010 crown will find its way to her. She is one of the finalists of PFMI '10 with 55.5 Kg weight who is already in the mood to celebrate. (BCCL)
Celebrate the essence of beauty with Miss India 2010 finalist, with 32-24-36 hot bod, Anjali Raut has a figure to die for. (BCCL)
Anshu Malik carves her own niche to victory as she poses for the lenses with the vital stats of 33-25-35. Anshu is a true tribute to beauty and freshness with 5'. 7'' height and with this elan she is sure to go a long way at the PFMI 2010. (BCCL)
Dimple Patel's carefree smile makes you yearn for more. At 5 feet and 10 inches, Dimple's sharp features is sure to catch your attention and her defining eyes make her hot and attractive. (BCCL)
At 5 feet and 8.5 inches, Jinal Pandya's impish smile is sure to warm your heart. Her simplicity and her figure of 34-26-36.5 makes her all the more attractive and a tough competition for her contenders at the PFMI 2010. (BCCL)
Manasvi Mamgai thinks big of being a winner at the PFMI '10 and with her perfect vital stats 32-25-35.5, she is all set to compete for the Miss India '10 title. Standing tall at 5'8'', Manasvi wants to stand out among all the other finalists and be a clear winner. (BCCL)
Nicole Estelle Faria's vital statistics with 30-24-35 and height 5' 8.5'' makes for a winning combination and her defining eyes makes her look hot and happening. The beauty is sure that the Miss India 2010 crown will find its way to her. (BCCL)
Pearl Verma will be a tough competitor with such beautiful looks and a figure of 33-25-36 at the Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2010 pageant. The beauty who weighs 54 kg wants to spread her wings to the heaven above. Pearl Verma, delicate like a flower but tough like a stone is among the pretty faces in the competition for PFMI '10. (BCCL)
The woman of substance, Rohini Mukherjee hopes to realize the chance of feeling the Miss India 2010 crown on her head. The 18 year old contestant with a vital stats of 32.5-26-35 is a trained classical dancer and having a classical base, she would like to step into the world of cinema and fashion. (BCCL)
Tahira Kochhar is sure a tough competitor with 34.5-28-36.5 vital stats. At 5'8'', the beauty dreams of hoping to take the crown back home with herself at the Miss India 2010. (BCCL)
Unnati Davara thinks that Femina Miss India is the perfect platform which gives a chance to young aspirants to showcase their talent and she wants to enjoy this journey of happiness. The beauty hopes to represent her country at the International platform. The diva makes a strong contendar with 5'.7'' height and 32-23.5-35 vital stats. (BCCL)

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