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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daring beauties

Flower girl: Denisa looks marvelous as she wears a flower necklace. (Source: Dan Hostettler,,
Pure pearls: Martinka stretches out her pearls necklace in her pink outfit. (Source: Dan Hostettler,,

Divine diva: Martinka with her closed eyes looks like an angel. (Source: Dan Hostettler,,

Deep down under: Veronika's bamboo hat seems to protect her from the heat. (Source: Dan Hostettler,,

Best pout: Denisa pouts cutely as she poses for the cameras. (Source: Dan Hostettler,,

Stretching it out: Model Denisa looks stunning in an off-white outfit. (Source: Dan Hostettler,,

Blonde babe: Model Denisa flaunts her pink flower shaped ring. (Source: Dan Hostettler,,

Hide 'n' seek: Katka lets her hair down for the cameras as she shows the tattoo of her hand. (Source: Dan Hostettler,,

Smiling face: Katka's glamorous face looks beautiful when she smiles for the lenses. (Source: Dan Hostettler,,

Cat eyed beauty: Model Martinka's beauty seems incomparable. (Source: Dan Hostettler,,

Orange ornament: Smiling Veronika looks haute and pretty as she flaunts her orange neckpeice. (Source: Dan Hostettler,,

Pink passion: Denisa's elegant beauty can set the temperature high. (Source: Dan Hostettler,,

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