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Monday, February 22, 2010

Delicate sensuality

The red plays up the fiery side of in you. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Sassy, sporty, sexy and the simply playful, the new summer collection this season blends a myriad of themes. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Designed for those with a sunny temperament, the brightness is there for all to see and stay this summer. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Bring on the attitude girl, with this bold bikini in blue that leaves you yearning for more. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Cool and uncomplicated, that's the fresh and sexy look combined together for you. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
A fun eye-catcher, this bikini in black can give you young, dynamic and some sporty feel. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
For the adventurous kind, there is always an option to bring out thr flirty side in you with this number in pink. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
The charm of the real beauty shines in yummy yellow. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Halterneck one piece in black, with knotts at the right place makes a powerful statement. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Knotts and cuts accentuate the curves on this piece of perfection. (Pic: Daily Mirror)

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