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Monday, February 22, 2010

Hottest Bond Girls

Bond girls are as famous as the Agent 007 himself. There is an endless list of girls who succumbed to the Bond charm. Let's have a look at the actresses who contributed to the Bond world.

Halle Berry: One of the highest paid actress in Hollywood, a former fashion model and a beauty queen, played the role of Jinx, the NSA's leading woman in the Bond series. Although tough and hard-nosed, Jinx finds herself in trouble in a couple of occasions, with Bond coming to the rescue.

(Reuters/Phil McCarten)
Gemma Arterto: 'Quantam of Solace' is the latest Bond movie that the steamy actress Gemma Arterton has taken. (Reuters/Dylan Martinez)
Rosamund: Best known for her portrayals of Bond villainess Miranda Frost in Die Another Day, she became known to a wider audience. Playing a rogue MI-6 agent originally assigned to aid James Bond. (Reuters/Dan Chung)
Olga Kurylenko: In the secretive world of spy movie, James Bond, the 'Bond girl' for the new installment in the movie series, Olga was in the latest sensation of the 007 franchise opposite Daniel Craig. (AFP Photo/Pascal Guyot)

Eva Green: A French actress and a Bond girl known for her killer looks, intelligence and modesty won a BAFTA for her character Vesper Lynd. Playing Bond's first real love interest after becoming a 007 agent, her character turns out to have dual effect on his life. (Reuters/Denis Balibouse)
Ursula Andres: Golden Globe winner, the actress was appreciated for her double agent act as Casino Royale's Vesper Lynd and Dr. No’s Honey Rider. 1960’s sex symbol Ursula was a major hit as the hot Bond girl of that time. (Reuters Photo)

Jane Seymour Gifted and cursed, that's Tarot reader Solitaire played by Jane Seymour. As per the curse she loses her powers the moment she sleeps with Bond but gets freedom for her egotistical boss. (Reuters/Fred Prouser)
Claudine Auger: Brunette actress played Domino, mistress of master villain Largo (Adolpho Celi), in the 007 epic Thunderball. (Reuters/Eric Gaillard)

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