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Monday, February 22, 2010


Watch her feline and slinky style. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Too hot to handle: The model poses with oodles of sex appeal. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Look into her eyes and you'll find the 'courage' to beat the world. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Deborah illustrates some of her bodily gestures. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Hot and beautiful Deborah poses for the shutterbugs. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Here's an example of gal with an attitude. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Sun Kissed Deborah pose to expose. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Model Deborah hiding her face with her blonde hair. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
The hot and steamy babe to savour your taste. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
High hopes:Deborah sheds all inhibitions. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
The diva can master the game of seduction in this alluring golden bikini. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Round and curvy: Boost your curves when the lights go down with this sexy golden bikini. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Beauty facing the sun. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
She is a picture of a simmering sensuality. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
When it comes to bikini , the itsy-bitsy ones are the most glamorous. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
So much to admire and so much to drool over, and so little time. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Take a look at the wild side to know how to be fabulous. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
The model summons the sound and sight of the waves at the beach. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Cool and calm is the model, having fun in the sun. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Bold and beautiful is adjective apt enough for this lady. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
This sexy see-through number will delight every passerby. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
This mesmerising number pays ode to this hot bod. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Deborah is a picture of a simmering sensuality. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Her eye-to-follow bikini secrets can easily add that zing and flavour. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
A little bit of playful sophistication with a see-through piece will make you fly high. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
This revealing suit makes her look drop-dead hot. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Too hot to handle: The bombshell poses with oodles of sex appeal. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
The hot look this summer is floaty and flirty. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Deborah looks sensuous, drenched in style, as she takes a dip into the water waves. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Hot and beautiful: Deborah poses for the shutterbugs. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Dare to bare: Deborah strikes a sexy pose as she sets the mood right for a perfect picture. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Look at me attitude: Model Deborah, the attention grabber. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Deborah looks hot as she poses wild for the camera lens. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Oomph factor: Drenched in beauty, Deborah has a tremendous sex appeal. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
The sea, the sun and the seductress... a complete picture. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Deborah looking absolutely provoking in this picture. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Deborah standing erect against the stone for the camera. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Daintly, delicate and delightful, Deborah looks great. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
Chic and cheeky in a geometric bikini. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

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