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Monday, February 22, 2010

Hottest bedroom pin-ups

Did you fantasize about women when you were young? Who's in your dream list? Here's a look at the most memorable pin-up women.

Katie Price: With a perfect hour-glass figure, Katie Price aka Jordan is a woman that men long for. A former English glamour model, TV personality and a business woman, Katie has ruled every aspect of her life. (Getty Images/Neil Mockford)
Carmen Electra: An American model, TV personality and an actress, Carmen Electra sparkled with her appearances in 'Playboy' magazine and TV series 'Baywatch'.

Christina Aguilera: American singer and a song-writer believes that, motherhood won't stop her to advance her career further. Known for her saucy attitude and perfect curves, she drives men crazy across the world. (Getty Images/Dave Hogan)
Pamela Anderson: Pamela's glamour quotient is one of the greatest source of bliss and delight for young men. She is a Canadian born actress who rose to fame with the popular TV series Baywatch. (AFP/Joe Klamar)
Mariah Carey: An American hip-hop, singer and a song-writer, Mariah was named the best-selling female pop artist of the millennium at the 2000 World Music Awards. Her belly dance moves and grooves have made her rule many hearts. (Getty Images/Dave Hogan)
Anna Nicole Smith: Playboy model, Anna Nicole Smith's career took off after she was chosen to appear on the cover of 'Playboy'. Anna said, she planned to be 'the next Marilyn Monroe'. She was chosen to be the 1993 'Playmate' of the Year. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Madonna: This American pop sensation makes men go weak in their knees with her magnetic charm. Waiting for Madonna's albums to release is one of the hardest things for her fans. (REUTERS/Phil McCarten)
Shakira: With her long wavy tresses and her shaky hips, she has managed to create magic in Hollywood. Shakira's debut album was 'Magia'. (REUTERS/Gary Hershorn)
Britney Spears: Men can't help getting swayed away by her enthralling looks. Britney arrested world wide attention when she came up with her debut album, 'Baby One More Time' in 1999. (Getty Images/Patrick Riviere)
Cindy Crawford: With her beauty mark on her upper lip, this American supermodel has made it to the world of fashion and trends. Cindy has left men drooling over her. (REUTERS/Jack Dabaghian)
Marilyn Monroe: She was an American model and actress who was a Golden Globe award winner. Marilyn proved herself as an actress when she starred in Niagara in 1953. (Pic: Daily Mirror)
Janet Jackson: Apart from being a singer, songwriter, dancer and an actress, she has got those seductive looks to woo her fans. Janet's Rhythm Nation 1814 and Black Cat are her most famous albums. (AFP/Henning Kaiser)
Cameron Diaz: Fashion carpet unfolded for Cameron Diaz at a young age of 16. She has done modelling for designers Calvin Klein and Levis. Now she is one of the most sizzling H''wood actress with films such as Shrek and Charlie's Angels to her credit. (AFP/Max Nash)
Jennifer Aniston: She is one of the hottest 'Friends' star, men have ever kept their eyes on. Jennifer Aniston's great moment arrived for her when she got a break in 'Friends' as Rachel Green. (REUTERS)
Anna Kournikova: A Russian tennis player, Anna Kournikova has always been in limelight because of her numerous modeling shoots. Photographs of her scantily-clad form have appeared in various men's magazines like 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue' and 'FHM'. (AFP/Patrick Lin)
Bo Derek: She is one of the most steamy actresses that men love to think and discuss about. An American film actress and model, Bo Derek made her first screen presence in Orca: The Killer Whale in 1977. (Pic Daily Mirror)
Alyssa Milano: An American actress and singer, Alyssa Milano shed her 'nice girl' image by appearing in several films targeted at adults, such as Embrace of the Vampire and Deadly Sin. Her tattooed bod is the dream theme of every adolescent. (REUTERS/Fred Prouser)
Bettie Page: This fantasy woman featured in the film, 'The Notorious Bettie Page' which is a biographical film about pin-up and bondage model Bettie. Another seductress who tops the chart of every lad excelled as a modeling icon In 1980's and 90's (AFP)

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