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Monday, February 22, 2010


There is nothing more attractive than a girl who has confidence and some attitude to lure her man. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

A sexy bikini like this one is ideal, it'll get you to stand out in a crowd without any effort. (Pic: MalibuStrings)
A printed bikini match up with Debbie's personality, although it doesn't cover up much. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Beach Girl! Deebie is enjoying cool breeze on her tanned body. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Some of the bikinis are boldly revealing, but if you've got the body, flaunt it!. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Those electric coloured bikinis are surely doing justice to Deebie's 'assets'. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Want to grab some serious attention from that good-looking guy? This smart look is the answer to it. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

It's nice to be naughty for the bikini-clad chic. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

She rules the hearts with her beautiful eyes and that sexy look. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

You will love to cherish the mysterious babe in a super hot bikini. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

If you've got a shapely set of gems and dare to bare, there's no reason why you can't step out in a sizzling pair of hot bikini. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Splashing into the water of passion! (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Sexy and confident is the model, having fun in the cool sea. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Deebie is basking in the sun in a cool polka dotted bikini. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Posing sensously for a perfect click. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Feeling too hot even in this tiny piece? Spruce yourself up with a hat above. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

If you have a figure that warrants showing off, you can squeeze yourself into a little number. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Debbie sure knows how to catch 'eyeballs'. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Take a look at the wild side to know how to be fabulous. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

The model summons the sound and sight of the waves at the beach. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Debbie looks hotter than the crashing waves and rocks around her. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Bikinis have a lot of feminine appeal which does justice to this shapely body. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

This warm and stunning number can be your favourite. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

It won't take long for the demure to heat you up with her 'super look' and opulent features in electric pink bikini. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Cute and curly: Modest yet sexy, this two-piece in sky blue is perfect for those who doesn't want the bling factor. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

Model is enjoying herself in cool sea breeze and sexy bikini. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

The diva can master the game of seduction in this alluring two piece bikini. (Pic: MalibuStrings)

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