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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dash of fashion

If you've got a shapely set of gams and dare to bare, there's no reason why you can't step out in a sizzling hot bikini. (Source:Yvan Teule Photography(
A swirling, plush green little outfit like this one is sure to keep all eyes on you! (Source:Yvan Teule Photography(
What's old is new and what's out is actually in! Vintage styles from the past decades have made a massive comeback. (Source:Yvan Teule Photography(
Go for a strapless number for that fantastically feminine look. (Source:Yvan Teule Photography(
Take out your bikinis and have a dip in the cool water to beat the heat this summer. (Source:Yvan Teule Photography(
Black will never go out of style and it is sexy in every sense of the word. (Source:Yvan Teule Photography(
This black number will have you looking like the girl next door. (Source:Yvan Teule Photography(
It's all about colour this season, the brighter the better! (Source:Yvan Teule Photography(
If wildcat appeal is not for you, go sophisticated with shades of white. (Source:Yvan Teule Photography(
Black is always a turn-on when it comes to innerwear and the pink lace adds a feminine touch here. (Source:Yvan Teule Photography(
A fitted, short number in gold will balance just the right amount of cute-meets-sexy! (Source:Yvan Teule Photography(
Meditation is the key to beautiful skin as it helps to bring the fresh feel from within. (Source:Yvan Teule Photography(

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