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Monday, February 22, 2010

'Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega'

Sachin and Supriya at 'Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega' TV episode.
Episode after episode our Dulhe Raja has impressed his prospective brides with his romantic gestures and this time round Rahul impresses his date Dimpy Ganguly with a trip into the clouds!
Rahul takes his date up into the skies in a hot air balloon, cruising above the beautiful Udaipur landscape in an impossibly romantic gestures.
Dimpy was so overwhelmed by the wonderful arrangements that Rahul had made that she confesses to falling in love with him! Our Dulhe Miyan was also very taken up by the young lady.
The two teams, one headed by Gautami Kapoor and the other, headed by Ram got engaged in many tasks such as 'Bhuj Tera Naam Te', 'Kaun Si Hoon Main Daal Re?', 'Aazmale Aazmale Kaun Se Hai Ye Masale?' and 'Spin the Belan'. In the pic, Rahul and Nikunj play the game, where Nikunj wins in th end.

Superstar kids, Saloni and others made their way to the majestic Fatehgarh Palace on 'Swayamvar' ready to meet the prospective brides of their 'bhaiya', Rahul Mahajan.
The kids added some fun factor on 'Rahul Dhulania Le Jaayega'. They entertained and played some fun games with Rahul and his prospective brides.
Saloni and other kids played musical chair with the contestants and had a cute chat-up sessions
The kids put the brides to test that whether these girls love kids or not and making the world and Rahul Mahajan know one more of aspect of their quality before he selects the perfect bride for himself.
The kids enjoyed themselves in the palace and were quite impressed and happy with the would-be-brides.
After spending time with all of them, the kids revealed their choice of who they believe will be the perfect match for Rahul. Tune into this fun and playful episode of 'Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega'.
Taking her role very seriously, Gautami Kapoor decides to put the prospective brides' knowledge to the test by playing some interesting games. Gautami takes the help of Ram to enlist a series of "gharelu" tests that she has created.

Gautami Kapoor made a visit to the majestic Fatehgarh Palace, to meet the prospective brides for her 'devar' Rahul Mahajan. She finally chose Swati as the perfect bride for Rahul. She also presented the lucky young lady with a beautiful red saree and 'Chaabion Ka Guchha'.
Gautami Kapoor, even tests the would-be-brides, 'Ghar Ke Nuske' and gets quite impressed and happy with their knowledge! After spending time with all of them, Gautami spoke about her choices of, who can be the perfect match for Rahul.

The atmosphere around the beautiful Fateh Garh Palace is a perfect backdrop for romance. Rahul will reciprocate his appreciation to the girl that leaves an impression on his heart in his unique style.

The 15 beautiful brides have presented Rahul with a token of their love at their very first meeting on Imagine's 'Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega'.

Rahul's prospective brides.The search for Rahul's ideal life partner which began an year before, has lead to 14 shortlisted participants.Harpreet Chabra, 21, She is a model and anchor by profession. She feels her nature and personality are very compatible with Rahul Mahajan.
Dimpy Ganguly, 21, Kolkata, West Bengal, a model-cum-actress, gave up a lead role in a film to participate in the Swayamvar. Her real name is Soumasri, which means 'as beautiful as the moon.' But her cute dimples have earned her the name, Dimpy.

Rashmi Rawani, 21, hails from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, is a post graduate student in Mass Communication. She is a news anchor by profession and one of her most proud moments in life was when her first news bulletin went on air. She admires the way Rahul coped with the personal tragedy of his father's assassination.

Mrinal Ghiya, 34, from Mumbai is a writer and director, who specialises in spiritual dramas. She is devotee of Lord Krishna and has been an active member of ISKON for many years.

At 34, she is the oldest of the brides but has never been in a relationship before. However she feels a deep spiritual connect with Rahul who is himself an avid Krishna Bhakt.

Swati Augustin, 23, Delhi, is a senior executive at a BPO in Delhi. She is a financially independent woman and has been shouldering the responsibility of her family since a young age. She finds Rahul charming and broad minded and someone who she believes will encourage her to continue to be a working woman even after marriage.

Mani Thakur, 22, Mohali, is a freelance anchor. She has completed her graduation from the Government College for girls, Chandigarh. Just before she was to leave for the show, her grandmother passed away. She was in two minds whether to continue with her plans when her brother -- knowing how keen she was to marry Rahul -- encouraged her to go ahead and be a part of the show.

Rupa Khurana, 23, Delhi is a fashion designer who runs her own boutique. She is an introvert, who has never been to a discotheque in her life. She feels that Rahul's fun-loving and extrovert nature will complement hers perfectly.

Sonia Kour, 19, Jammu, is the youngest of the potential brides, Sonia is pursuing a Bachelors in Arts degree. After watching Rakhi Sawant's Swayamvar, she is quite enamored by its concept and cannot wait for her first date with Rahul Mahajan.

Rajshree Mishra, 26, Kolkata, West Bengal, is a model-cum-actress and believes in the virtues of a healthy mind and body. She admires the fact that Rahul is an honest and down-to-earth fellow despite his high profile family background.

Priyadarshani Singh, 24, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, runs her own NGO called Kshitij Education Social and Welfare Society. She first saw Rahul in her childhood and has been interested in him for almost a decade.
Tannu Bhatia, 24, Faridabad, Haryana,is an HR professional. She is also a guest lecturer for MBA students and gives tuitions to earn additional income.Tannu loves dance and is a trained ballet dancer.She believes Rahul knows how to handle tough situations, a quality which is important in a man.

Twinkle Mukherjee, 22, is a qualified engineer from West Bengal University of Technology. She is an avid sports enthusiast and part-time cricket commentator as well. She is an avid biker and loves outdoor sports.

Mrinmai Kolwalkar, 28, has done her Masters in Arts from Pune's Fergusson College but is a model by profession. She finds Rahul very endearing and hopes to get to know him better.

Charmy Chauhan, 20, is a law student from JM Nanavati, she stood first in her semester before coming on to the show. She is a big supporter of BJP leader Narendra Modi. She feels an intellectual and political compatibility with Rahul Mahajan.

Along the way, friends and family will help Rahul Mahajan in his quest to find the ideal life partner.
The hunt for Mrs Rahul Mahajan is all set to begin. Son of Pramod Mahajan will replace Rakhi Sawant on Swayamvar - 2, 'Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega'.
The search for Rahul's ideal life partner will start with a nationwide audition process. A call for entries will be followed by multi-city meetings and interviews with shortlisted participants.
Rahul Mahajan, 34, is excited at the prospect of finding a bride on national television.
16 girls to woo Rahul Mahajan in 'Swayamvar Season 2' on NDTV Imagine channel.
In 2006 he married his sweetheart of 13 years Shweta Singh, but that relationship ended in a divorce just two years later.
Mahajan made his foray into television with Bigg Boss 2 where his proximity to female co-stars, especially Payal Rohatgi and Monica Bedi, kept the rumour mills busy.

The prospective brides will be brought together under one roof and will be put through a series of tasks and challenges to uncover the various facets of their personality and beliefs.
TV show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega (RDLJ) will give audiences the opportunity to discover the real man behind the very public persona.

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